About Us

Who are we?

Twisted Iron Hunting - a family owned and operated business from Pendleton, South Carolina. We are a normal working class family with full time jobs and four children at home.

The idea for the Boot Bandolier bags came from years of struggling with where to put our gear while in the stand hunting. We have fought with backpacks, fanny packs and stuffing gear in our pockets. The concept was to have a bag that we could prepack with our essential gear and have easy access to it while hunting.

I used to stuff gear in the top of my muck boots, but items like can calls, range finders, etc. just wouldn't fit. The original idea was for the leg/boot application and as we honed the concept, it was evident that we could make the Boot Bandolier work for virtually every hunting scenario.

I bought some material and a sewing machine and went to work. My first renditions were crude, to say the least, but the idea started to take shape. After hearing me talk about the idea for so long and seeing my prototypes, my wife encouraged me to follow my drams and "do something with it".

We started our business and here we are two years later. We have been so blessed on this journey with contacts and meeting some great people along the way.

We met Rusty Sellars, CEO of TrueTimber through a mutual friend and he was kind enough to let us bounce our ideas off of him and his team. We had the opportunity to send one of our prototype bags with Rob Keck and Bass Pro Shop on a Whitetail hunt in Kansas for a field test. Rob gave us great feedback and encouraged us to move forward.

Today the Boot Bandolier has evolved into its sixth revision and we continue to improve on it every opportunity we can. 

The Boot Bandolier Pro was featured on the November cover of Arrowtrade Magazine in 2022 for archery innovation. We were honored to be chosen for this and are excited about the future. Click on the pic below to read the article.


What do we stand for?

Good ole hard working Americans who love the outdoors. We strive to provide quality, affordable gear that makes your hunt the best it can be.


Giving back- A portion of proceeds from every sale is donated to The Outdoor Dream Foundation (ODF) as well as providing each child with their own Boot Bandolier Pro bag for the hunt.

The ODF brings outdoor adventures to life for kids suffering from chronic illness.

Find out more at www.outdoordream.org


Why the name Twisted Iron?

When we first bought our small farm, we discovered a 1942 McCormick Deering Combine and a McCormick Deering Sickle Mower covered in briars and grown into a tree back on the edge of a deep gulley near the creek. 
We love things like this. They bring to mind a simpler time - a time when a man's work was his bond - a time when families worked together and played together. Where they sat down at the table and ate supper as a family. 
As we cleared away the briars and vines, the story of these rusty metal machines spoke to us. These once were shiny, new implements that the proud owner brought home to his farm. He worked for decades to provide food and income for his family and many more. At the end of their usefulness, they earned a resting place out of sight on the back of the property. Robbed of some parts and left to eventually fall into that old gulley as time passed. 
Instead, we cut the trees from the old sickle mower and transported her to a beautiful spot in our front yard. She sports a new McCormick red and yellow paint job. The combine was moved away from the edge. We cleaned her up and built a fire pit. She watches over our campsite now. 
So, the name Twisted Iron came from some rusty, old farm equipment that we inherited with the property. Seems simple, but has a much deeper meaning to us.